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What’s worse than having a flood in your basement and your oil burner failing when it’s the coldest day of the year?  Having it happen when you’re 200 miles away from home which is exactly what happened to me this past weekend.

Once again I was away at one of my daughter’s All-Star Cheer competitions in Atlantic City when I got the call from my hubby that the house had transformed into a wet refrigerator overnight.  I like to think of myself as a “can-do gal” but these type of situations make me completely lose it!  And while my husband is cool and collected during these times, being in a wheelchair makes it difficult for him to deal with them as well.

But what if one of us wasn’t home?  Freezing pipes and the leak from the water softener tank could have caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage.  That’s why new home automation systems like the one from COX Home Security are not only great for keeping your home safe but also managing heating and lighting, detecting high CO levels and protecting from flood and fire.

The integrated system, which is customized for each family, can be accessed online or from an app on a digital device.   The homeowner has a variety of options such as control of lighting, monitoring the temperature and turning on or off the heat, sensing a flood, setting up a trigger for the system to take a video snapshot every time the front door opens and wireless calling as a backup if power goes out or an intruder cuts the wire.

Plus the system is modular, so as a family’s needs grow, and technology evolves, new devices can be added without buying an entirely new system.

COX Home Life was featured this morning on Designing Spaces, the award-winning home improvement show.  You can learn more about the system in this segment.