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I’m one of the thousands of multi-generational families living together.  Having my mom live with us and witness the incredibly close relationships she has with her grandchildren has been just one of the benefits of living together.  She is literally a superwoman, helping me run the house and driving the kids to and from their activities.  Of course, there are challenges of having three generations with very different ideas and expectations under the safe roof but for us it works.

Last week, however, I realized how quickly things can change.  Our rambunctious puppy ran right into her knee and, well, off to the orthopedist we went.  My mom is the type who not only never complains but won’t admit when there’s a problem.  Several weeks ago, I was travelling and she came down with the stomach flu.  My mom is tiny – 5’2” and 100 pounds (I unfortunately don’t take after her!) When she gets a stomach bug she almost always needs to go to the ER for dehydration.  Sure enough, I woke up to a text while I was 300 miles away saying – “Called an ambulance and I’m off to the ER – feel better already.”

Yup, that’s my mom – the glass is always half-full. 

But after last week’s episode I started spiraling a bit thinking what would happen if she fell down the stairs when she was alone.  What would she do if she tripped and fell as she was walking on one of our nature paths in town? 

“What if’s” like this aren’t new to me.  My husband has Primary Progressive MS and there’s been more than one instance when he’s fallen in the bathroom and we’ve needed to called EMS to help get him up.  My son has Intellectual Disabilities and tends to wander.   Air traffic controllers have nothing on me!

Like many active seniors, there’s no way my mom would even consider one of those typical white, plastic medical alert necklaces.  And, to be honest, I don’t blame her.  It immediately labels someone “old.”

A few months ago, I ran across a company that understood this – MobileHelp.  They’ve partnered with a company TRELAWEAR to create actual pieces of jewelry that just so happen to be a medical alert device as well.  The founder of TRELAWEAR, Mara Perlmutter, was inspired to design the collection by her own mom. 

The new Trelawear “smart” jewelry pendant comes with all of the safety features of a traditional personal emergency response system paired to a cellular base station. This high-end pendant comes in a silver or gold finish – providing customers with the freedom to remain safe and stylish – at home and on the go.

The necklace comes in both silver and gold finishes and on the back is button that can be pushed in an emergency.  The signal is communicated through the MobileHelp base station or mobile device to the company’s central monitoring station for emergency dispatch to the user’s location.  If for some reason the person is unable to speak the monitoring station will immediately dispatch assistance.

Because Trelawear was inspired by a mom, MobileHelp is giving everyone a chance to share their stories about their own mom, or someone who’s like a mom, and win a free TRELAWEAR pendant as well as emergency monitoring (with service) for one year.  Just share your story and/or photo about how this person inspires you.  The contest is running from now through the end of May at which point three winners will be chosen at random.  You can submit your entries below.  This is something that so many of us need for peace of mind – good luck!