Twenty-three years ago, my first-born child, Connor, died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  He was born in April and I’ll always remember how incredibly significant that first Mother’s Day was for me.  Little did I know at the time that the next Mother’s Day I would be hiding in my house with a torrent of […]

As a blogger, I get compensated for some of my posts when I discuss a product and someone purchases it. This is my job and how I get paid. I will not, however, recommend or discuss a product that I don’t feel is of benefit or value to my readers. My thoughts on these products […]

For those of you who follow my blog you know that my 22-year-old son Spencer is Intellectually Disabled and my husband Greg has Primary Progressive MS and is confined to a power chair. For those of you who aren’t familiar with my story, Greg is my second husband and was only diagnosed 4 weeks after […]

Yesterday my son Spencer who has Intellectual Disabilities was outside most of the morning helping me shovel.  He always volunteers to help without hesitation and I’m incredibly grateful.  When I thank him he says, “Mom, being helpful is my super-power.”  Spencer’s really into superheroes.  We started talking about super-powers but also what our Kryptonite was. […]

Social media has provided all of us a platform to over share. Selfies abound, bad behavior is celebrated, and the world knows the most intimate details of our lives. But while we’re willing to broadcast our lives on Facebook and Instagram when it comes to having a personal interaction we often hide our insecurities for […]

Get rid of limiting beliefs message

How often do you wake up in the morning (or in the middle of the night) with that little voice inside your head screaming at you about your fears, failures and shortcomings? The loop can be endless: “If only you had kept your mouth shut you wouldn’t have lost that friendship.” “Your kids are never […]

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Women are incredible at taking care of everyone’s needs.  Sick kid, needy friend, busy spouse and aging parents – we’re there to heal, listen and support.  But in the midst of caring for everyone, our own needs go unmet. Sometimes we’re aware of our feelings of sadness and frustration that our desires are unfulfilled but […]

We’ve all had those days.  We start out feeling motivated and excited.  And then little things start chipping away at it.  Then it turns into big things. Then you get pissed off at everything and everybody. That was me yesterday.  Fortunately, I’ve learned how to literally put on the brakes and change the energy. Here […]

Rocky at the top of the stairs

I had a friend say to me this morning “I’m finding myself fearful of things that haven’t even happened yet.” Yes, for even the most optimistic people, 2020 is doing a number on us. It seems as if every day something else is happening in our world – wildfires, protests, racial tension and deaths from […]

Heart on an open book

I’m an avid reader. I usually have several books I’m reading at the same time. One is always my easy night reading, some fiction that doesn’t require me to think. In the morning it’s usually a non-fiction about self-improvement, spirituality or business. I find myself searching right now for a book that will help me […]