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Does this sound like you?
  • You’re not in control of your money –  you have no control of your future.
  • Your partner manages and controls your finances.
  • You’re recently divorced, widowed or have become a caregiver and need to take over managing the money but you have no idea what to do.
  • You’ve tried to figure out your bills and finances but it was just too overwhelming so you give up.
  • You just don’t want to know how bad your financial situation is and simply ignore it, using credit cards to pay for everything.
Imagine How Much Better It Would Be If…
  • You felt calm and confident managing your finances.

  • You felt powerful and at peace with money.

  • You set money goals and achieved them with a concrete plan.

  • You lived comfortably without credit cards.

  • You made decisions based on your dreams instead of your fears.

  • You didn’t rely on anyone else to decide your future.

Confidence=Cash is a self-study and live group program created to help you get past the fear of the future or feeling scared and helpless about money.

You don’t need to be trapped in an unhappy relationship or unfulfilling job because of finances. You can control your future and feel confident managing your money, understanding that you can achieve all of your dreams.

Throughout the course you’ll learn how to shift your money mindset:

    • Identifying the “money stories” that have been holding you in a place of fear and lack.
    • Reframing your relationship with money so that you control it rather than the other way around.
    • Clearing out the limiting beliefs that are preventing you for achieving your goals.
    • Understanding your current financial situation and how your money is working for you.
    • Developing strong boundaries against people who don’t support you in making powerful changes in your life.
    • Learning how to manifest your ideal lifestyle and the money you deserve.
    • Creating a powerful vision for your financial future with an action plan to get there

Along with teaching you how to shift your mindset to one of wealth and abundance, you’ll also learn the step-by-step process to creating a budget and managing your money with financial coach Traci Provost. You’ll finally understand how to invest for the future while living happily in the present.

This proven system will help you understand how to grow your money and become financially independent.

You’ll never fear or avoid looking at your bank balance again!

Here’s what’s included in the course:

Your personal dashboard to access all materials in the course at the time.

Three modules of pre-recorded videos uploaded to your dashboard every two weeks starting February 6th:


Money Blocks: How to eliminate them so you can start creating wealth.


Everything you need to know about budgeting and controlling your money


Building a life of financial independence, security, and happiness.

You’ll also receive written exercises and worksheets that include:

  • Self-calculating spreadsheet to make creating your budget easy.
  • Downloadable resources to create systems to manage money confidently and successfully.
  • Exercises to help identify mental blocks and break them down to get past the fear of taking control of your money.
  • Guided meditations to build your confidence
  • A step-by-step guide to setting and achieving your financial goals.
  • Journaling prompts to uncover your money stories and limiting beliefs.

You’ll have lifetime access to all of these videos and resources.

Private Facebook Group

As a member of Confidence = Cash, you will have access to connect and collaborate with other women and get support in your progress. You’ll have lifetime access to this group.

Live Q&A

Once every month, Traci and I will be live in the group to answer questions and discuss a topic.  If you aren’t available to attend you can send questions to us ahead of time and we’ll answer. We’ll also be in the group replying to posts on a daily basis.

Alison Jacobson

Hi, I’m Alison!

In my 30’s, I was making a high six-figure salary, raising my kids, and absolutely killing it. And then, after not really budgeting, just winging it, and relying way too much on credit cards, my world came crashing down.  After my divorce (which cost waayyy too much!) I was left completely broke.  And that’s when I decided I would just stop looking at my bills and ignore the collection calls (NOT a good strategy.)

When it finally got to the point where I had to declare bankruptcy, I knew I had to put on my big girl pants and figure it out. I decided right then I would start over and never allow anyone else to handle the finances in my home again.

I knew that I needed to be financially independent and understand everything there was about budgeting and, most importantly, change my belief that I was a failure or clueless about money.

I literally started at rock bottom to rebuild.  I learned the practical stuff from books and finance experts and did a lot of work on my money mindset with coaches, personal development gurus and more books. And I lived without a credit card for three years.  Yup, if I didn’t have it, I didn’t buy it.

Not only did I rebuild my finances, but I now enjoy looking at my bank account, investing and planning my budget every month. I love not worrying whether my credit card will be declined or whether I will have to dip into savings to pay bills every month.  I never have a pit in the bottom of my stomach worrying about my financial future (even with a disabled son and husband!) I’ve created a great relationship with money where I’m in charge!

And that’s what I want to teach you.

Here’s what some of our past students have said about Confidence = Cash:

“As a Daily Money Manager myself, Traci and Alison’s course was extremely insightful and peppered with numerous tips for handling your money in a smart and structured way. We all have our own “money” story and Alison and Traci share theirs with humor, reflection and honesty making it so much easier to deal with yours!”

As a student of the CONFIDENCE=CASH inaugural course, I wanted to take a moment to share something. I actually had a money discussion with my spouse this morning. We discussed a plan to work through finances. It felt good to speak up to make sure things are equitable. We also discussed our respective money stories in our families of origin.

I highly recommend taking this course once it is offered again!

Imagine your life if….
  • You made decisions based on your dreams instead of your fears.

  • You felt powerful and confident about your finances.

  • You were secure about the future and no longer relied on credit cards.

  • You set goals and achieved them with a concrete plan.

  • You didn’t rely on anyone else to decide your future.

  • You saw yourself as a strong, confident woman.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is this course for?

Confidence = Cash is for any woman who wants to take control of her money and completely understand her finances. Even if you’ve never created a budget or have lived on credit cards this course will help you gain confidence and feel secure about your future.

What if I’m not available when the videos are released?

Each video and the resource materials will be available in a private dashboard for you to watch whenever it’s convenient to you. And you’ll have lifetime access to them.

How do I get into the private Facebook group?

When you register for the course you’ll receive an invitation to the Facebook Group.  The group will go live on February 6th.

What if I’m not available to participate in the monthly Facebook Lives?

If you have a question you can always post it in the Facebook group and we’ll be answering them.  You’ll also be able to replay the Live at any time in the Facebook group.

Can I invite a friend to join the Facebook group?

The Facebook group is only for people who have paid for the course.  If you have paid in full you will have access to the group for as long as it remains (at least one year.) However, you can invite others to join my Midlife Mavericks Facebook group.

We offer a 10-day Money Back Guarantee that doesn’t start until day one of the program.  All we ask is that you give this a concerted effort by completing and implementing Module 1.  If the program isn’t the right match for you, then we will be happy to refund you in full.

Refunds must be requested via email within this refund period. We will refund you immediately upon receipt of your email request.