• Confidence on Camera

10 spots available. Doors close Friday, September 25th.

Are you a female entrepreneur or coach who HATES going LIVE on Facebook & Zoom?

If so, you’re not alone.  Most people have never had to present or sell this way, but times have changed and going LIVE on Facebook and Zoom is going to be the new normal.

Whether you are a coach, entrepreneur or have a brick and mortar business, you need to be connecting with customers in new ways.

You are the face of your brand and people want to see you and get to know you.  Powerfully connecting with potential customers is critical in growing your business.  You can have a great program or product to sell but if you’re nervous or flustered as soon as you go LIVE you’re not going to keep people’s attention.

Showing up LIVE can massively grow your business

Most women dread going LIVE. You can’t use filters or do retakes or use an app to soften your skin. What you see is what you get and that makes most women incredibly self-conscious.

Not only do you worry about how you look but speaking confidently is not easy either.

Do you get tongue-tied and flustered and completely forget what you want to say if you make one mistake?

Usually when someone is nervous going LIVE they speak so fast no one can understand what they’re talking about or they simply read off a power point slide with no enthusiasm whatsoever.

We’ve all seen people who just grab our attention when they are LIVE.  They make us feel as if they’re talking directly to us and we relate to them.

People buy from people they connect with. Showing up LIVE is an opportunity for you to show your potential customers who you are – the dynamic, fun and confident person.  The type of person they want to say “Yes” to.

I can help you get past the fear of going LIVE on Facebook or Zoom so you can show up confident and charismatic and make the sale.

Confidence On Camera

A 4-week group coaching class to eliminate the fear of going LIVE on Facebook and Zoom to look and sound confident and increase sales.

Over the 4 weeks you’ll:

  • Work on mindset to get past your fear, take charge of the LIVE and become confident in your presentation.
  • Get practical steps on how to relax, engage with your prospective clients and become a dynamic presenter.
  • Do real-time work to eliminate the most common verbal mistakes
  • Create the perfect camera angle, lighting, wardrobe and make-up to look polished and professional.
  • Overcome the fear of saying the wrong thing and have authentic conversations with your audience.
  • Understand how to keep your audience engaged and project high energy.
  • Learn how to create eye contact through the camera so each person on your group call feels you’re speaking directly to her.
  • Develop a script that focuses on your most important selling points.

After this training you’ll feel confident presenting LIVE and project energy while you’re doing it.

For those of you who don’t know me I’m a TV spokesperson, coach and motivational speaker.

For over twenty years I’ve media trained entrepreneurs and corporate executives for Fortune 500 companies on how to give great on-camera interviews. I’ve also been an on-camera spokesperson for a variety of companies including COX, Colgate, Toyota and Coca-Cola and guest expert for hundreds of live news segments including The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Doctors and FOX & Friends.

I love being on camera! I know that what I’m promoting or selling is of value to my audience and I’m passionate about it. This comes across as I’m speaking and is why news stations frequently have me as a guest host.

I want you to be as comfortable on camera because the services and products your selling are of value to your audience.  They just need to hear from you!

Here’s how it’s happening:

1. Four (4) Live Group Trainings (these will be recorded)

Week One – Shake the Fear Off!

(Wednesday September 30th 6P EST)

We’ll dig deep into what causes you to be self-conscious about going LIVE and how that fear comes across in how you speak and your body language. Then we’ll get rid of the fear and turn it into positive energy! I’ll teach you how to get into a zone before you go live to focus on the results you want. Learn how to take pauses and emphasize certain points and connect with each person even when you can’t see them. We’ll also focus on the most common mistakes women make when speaking and how to correct them.

Week Two – What’s Your Point?

(Wed. October 7th 6P EST)

We’ll talk about how to structure your presentation and the power of 3’s when crafting your speech. We’ll review how to deliver a power point presentation that won’t put everyone to sleep. Learn how to demonstrate a product while focusing on your most important selling points.  I’ll also teach you the secrets to “bridging” back to your topic when people start asking distracting questions. We’ll also talk about how to lead into your sales pitch.

Week Three – Setting the Stage.

(Wed. October 14th 6P EST)

Represent who you are and what you’re selling through your appearance and your backdrop.  We’ll talk about common mistakes people make in camera position and lighting and finding  your signature style. I’ll share with you some products that help make going LIVE easier and some hacks as well.

Week Four – Crushing it On Facebook and Zoom!

(Wed. October 21st 6P EST)

Probably the most important session. We’ll review how to market and set up your LIVE and the technical points to each from sharing your screen, bringing people in and keeping the conversation going.  We’ll discuss different formats such as chat box, group chats or one-on-one.  I’ll also help you get past the fear of technical problems and not freak out!  And then we’ll all do a LIVE 3-minute presentation. This is a dress rehearsal so this is your time to shine!

2. Resources and supplemental materials

I’ll provide templates and downloadable materials including journaling prompts to get past your fears about going live, the template I use for scripting out my videos and a checklist for promoting and prepping to go LIVE plus more.

3. Access to a private Facebook group (This will open Monday, September 28th)

Over the four weeks I’ll be available in this group to answer any questions that have come up from our calls or other issues that you’re struggling with.  You can also post a video of you presenting that I’ll review and provide feedback.

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First five people to sign up receive a 60-minute one-to-one coaching session with me to go in-depth on your mental blocks, your script and your presentation.