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This past week I was down in Florida at the COX Smart Home where I got to witness and play with over 50 smart devices – and I do mean SMART!  I’m old enough to remember the TV program the Jetsons and, well, it felt like this was the real-life version of the show complete with a robotic dog that made me think of Astro.

While all of the devices were incredibly cool there were some that, as a mom I absolutely fell in love with and I’m dying to own!  Some you may already know about but here’s my list for you to check out:

ORAL-B Pro 5000 ToothbrushI’m sure I’m not the only mom who has to nag her kids every day to remember to brush their teeth and then still wonder whether they actually did or not. No more! With this Bluetooth enabled tooth brush I just need to download an app and I can actually monitor my kids’ brushing habits daily, weekly and monthly.  It has setting for people with braces and will alert you if you’re brushing too hard or not hard enough.  It also “maps” your mouth and will alert you if you’ve missed spots and areas you need to focus on more.

Ecovacs WINBOT W730 – It still amazes me that I consider one of the best Christmas presents I every received from my hubby was a vacuum cleaner.  But not just any vacuum cleaner – he got me a Roomba 960.  When I saw it at the COX Smart Home I actually told people that I had named mine – Li’l Jake.  But there were even more cleaning gadgets at this house.  My jaw dropped when I saw the WINBOT window-washing robot.  It automatically determines the window’s size, maps a cleaning path, cleans the window and then returns to its starting position.  I soooo need to try this out at my house!

The Feed and Go Feeder – As moms we have a million thinks to think about – making sure the kids remember their snacks and lunches, pick up and drop offs for activities and what to make for dinner.  And for those of us who have pets we need to think about having someone come in to feed them or give them their meds if we’re out late at a Little League game or dinner.  Now, there’s a new smart feeder for your dog or cat that will automatically feed your pet!  The Feed and Go Feeder has six cup size compartments that hold wet or dry food (or even meds) that you can control from your smart phone.  You can set your Feed and Go to give you real time messages by SMS and/or Email to let you know when your pet is about to be fed, or when he has just been fed, or both! Even better, if you have more than one pet you can control unlimited Feed and Go’s from one profile.

Yunmai Premium Bluetooth Smart Scale – You might not agree with me that a “smart” bathroom scale is what every mom needs but, let’s face it, we always put our self on the bottom of the list when it comes to health management.  This scale not only lets you know your weight but the most important body composition factors including body fat, body mass index (BMI), BMR, bone mass, hydration levels, muscle mass and body age.  The Yunmai body fat analyzer measures your body from head to toe and effortlessly tracks up to 16 different people with Bluetooth wireless technology.  This is definitely something that would keep me motivated!

It’s crazy to think how our entire home can now be run by the touch of a button.  As long as we have high speed data to keep it all running there’s nothing we can’t do

Stay tuned for my review of more cool items this week!

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