Day 2 – 7 Days to CRUSH Your Limiting Belief

So, have you identified where you feel stuck?

Have you downloaded the worksheet?

OK, don’t start criticizing yourself if you haven’t – that might actually be one of your limiting beliefs! If you haven’t, start on it today (it won’t take long, but it does require you to give it some thought.)

Do you ever wonder how some people seem so confident? They just seem to have their act together and can speak so powerfully on any topic. Well trust me, they weren’t always that way.

And that’s what I want you to hear – how you start showing up is going to influence how successful you are at crushing your limiting belief.

What I mean is even when we have a limiting belief, to the outside world we need to start project something else. The more you start projecting that new belief the more it will start becoming a reality.

Remember, you’ve been living with this limiting belief for a long time so it’s not going to disappear overnight. You’re going to literally have to re-program your thinking and do it consistently.

Start thinking of how you show up at home, your job and in your community.

  • Would other people believe you have this limiting belief?
  • How does your behavior/actions enforce your limiting belief?

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