Day 3 – 7 Days to CRUSH Your Limiting Belief

For years I was under the impression that everything had to be perfect before I launched a new course. I’d agonize over the images and content and tweak the offer for weeks.

You know what happened? NOTHING.

I didn’t make any sales because I wasn’t actually doing anything I was merely thinking about it.

You don’t reach your goal if you don’t start taking action. And, from science we know that “a body in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted on by an outside force.” (We’ll get to those outside forces later.)

You know exactly what you need to do but you’re mentally resisting. That’s your ego getting in the way.

In many ways limiting beliefs are comfortable for you. They support your life functioning in predictable patterns, even if those patterns are not productive or are downright destructive.

Limiting beliefs are like any dysfunctional relationship you have. You know that it’s not healthy but the thought of change, the fear of the unknown is scarier to you. And so, you allow yourself to stay in a predictable rut.

This week I’m asking you to look inside yourself and be OK with letting go of comfortable, predictable habits. Be courageous enough to allow for change.

I’m promising you that when you do, and allow yourself to be guided by God, the Universe or a higher power the opportunities you desire will arrive – you just need to be open to accepting them.

Attached is a worksheet on Unraveling Your Limiting Belief. Work on this when you have some quiet, uninterrupted time (Ha! I know that’s often impossible.)

And PLEASE, reach out to me – let me know how this is going or if you have questions.

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