Day 5 – 7 Days to CRUSH Your Limiting Belief

We need to talk about people in your life who might want to hold you back from crushing your limiting belief.

They could be well-meaning people who believe that you’re “safer” maintaining your beliefs and not changing. This could be your sister or a good friend who believe it’s too risky to start your own business. However, this is their belief not yours and, as well-intentioned as they might be, it’s not your truth.

There could also be people in your life who will be impacted by you changing and they don’t want their world shaken up. For example if your belief has been that you would be the one to leave your job once you had kids but now you realize that this isn’t making you happy, your partner might give you pushback as this is a dramatic shift in the family dynamic. It would require him to help more around the house and take more responsibility with the kids.
The question is…….

Are you happy with where you’re at right now?

If you want to delve into that a bit further, check out my post Five Questions to Ask Yourself to be Happier.

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