Day 6 – 7 Days to CRUSH Your Limiting Belief

So, are you getting this? Do you understand that beliefs are simply thoughts and….

Thoughts are not facts.

While they might not be facts, you already realize they’re incredibly powerful. One of my favorite authors and motivational gurus is Dr. Wayne Dyer. He talks about how your thoughts impact your ability in his book Being in Balance:

“Your inner vision will trump your innate talent every time. In fact, if you have the confidence that the skills or abilities you need are readily available, then you’re on your way. The first and most important step is releasing any excuse that you’ve adopted about lacking ability. Then it’s crucial that you create an inner picture of yourself already living a prosperous life, event though it’s failed to materialize yet. This is called thinking from the end. It forces you to begin an action program that’s in balance with your inner picture.”

I would add that it’s not just an inner picture you need to create, you also need to feel it. Think for a moment how you would feel if what you’re trying to achieve had already materialized.

Would you feel calm, happy, energized?

You don’t just need to think from the end, you need to feel from the end be clear about what it is you want and how you want to live.

This requires have a Personal Mission Statement. This is your True North – your guiding force and unwavering values. This is what you can use to determine whether a decision is being made based on a limiting belief. If it isn’t aligned with your Personal Mission Statement the decision isn’t serving you.

Need some help developing your Personal Mission Statement?

You can download my How to Write Your Personal Mission Statement workbook here.

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