Alison Jacobson


Sometimes, on behalf of clients, I am asked to do interviews with the media as an established safety expert. Helping to save children’s lives and keep families healthy and safe is my passion and my career.  There are products I have discovered that can truly help families.  Some are made by small companies that might otherwise never get the message out about their products, and some are by larger companies that are helping protect families as well.  I am sometimes compensated by companies to discuss their products, and when this is the case it is disclosed.

I sometimes write, for a fee, a blog post for this site as well as other sites not owned by Safety Mom. Posts on this site written for pay are disclosed.  I do not accept payment for reviews or giveaways.  Any Tweets or Facebook posts for pay are disclosed. I am sometimes hired to host a Twitter Party, this is charged as a flat rate and I receive no commission based on attendance or product sales.  I do not share or sell readers or followers and I do not share or sell PR contact information.

Changes to the above will be stated clearly