Midlife should be your best life!

Are you ready to make time for your goals and figure out your next chapter?

The secret to ending the mental overload and achieving your goals is easier than you think…..

Who were you before you assumed the roles of mom, partner, housekeeper, chauffeur, dutiful daughter, and caregiver?

What were your goals? Aspirations? Dreams?
How long have they been sitting on the back burner of your life?
Would you say your life is fulfilling both personally and professionally?

If you’re here reading this, dear friend, I’m going to guess that you feel more like this:

  • Overwhelmed with all the tasks, never-ending responsibilities and obligations that always seem to fall on YOU.

  • Exhausted because you are constantly juggling between the many hats you have to wear every single day.

  • Resentful now that you realize that you’ve put your needs, passions, happiness, goals, and expectations aside while caring for everyone else’s.

  • And then guilty for feeling that resentment at all.

  • Jealous of the women you see actually living the life you wish you had

  • Unfulfilled yet still uncertain how to move forward to a better future.

I mean, if you don’t do it? Who will?

Your life isn’t run by you, but by the responsibilities, obligations, and roles that you yourself have to fill.

You’ve assumed the guilt that most women feel.

It follows us around saying “You need to do it all, take care of everyone, and be everything that they need because that’s what it means to be a good__ [fill in the blank] __”

Don’t feel bad, we all have.

You, like many other women, have fallen prey to the “Human Giver Syndrome”. You’re going to keep giving and giving of yourself until you either come up against physical and/or emotional issues or until you decide to change.

The sad truth is you’ve created this reality.

If your physical and emotional health are suffering…so will that of those who depend on you.

It’s no easy task, living in your shoes, I know. I used to be in the same position. And let me tell you something, this isn’t the way to live.

You can’t go on crushed beneath the weight of all the things that you feel you “absolutely have to do” for everyone else while neglecting the one person that holds it all together…YOU.

You deserve so much more than to be on the sidelines of your own life.

The answer isn’t to give more of yourself now in the believe that someday you’ll focus on your own goals again.

You deserve to have a successful career and fulfilling life TODAY!  Look at how you feel right now…Are you fulfilled? Are you truly happy? Are you satisfied?


Then STOP.

Stop doing what you’re doing because it’s not working for you…or for those around you.

Your “obligations” have turned into resentment, and if they haven’t yet…they will.

And here’s the truth – you’ve created this overwhelm by the beliefs you’ve held for so long.

Please hear this: You can’t craft a life you love by living for everyone else.

The solution here is to end the constant running monologue in your head that tells you that you need to do it all, can’t ask for help and need to put others needs ahead of your own.

I know this is a tough pill to swallow…but you need to learn to think of your personal and professional goals.

No, it’s not selfish…it’s your right.

You need to give yourself permission to think about what YOU want out of YOUR life.

You don’t have anything to give that you don’t have, so you have to keep your own self full. That’s your job.”

Oprah Winfrey

I know you think this isn’t possible but hear me out.

You’re not doing your family and friends any good by giving out of emptiness and obligation. They need you at your best just as much as YOU need you at your best!

You WILL burn out if you keep going on like this.

The secret is to invest in yourself and do what inspires you.

You will then approach the rest of your life from a place of happiness, confidence, and satisfaction.

By prioritizing your happiness and success you’re helping those around you become the best versions of themselves as well.  You’ll be  giving from a place of bounty and overflow.

So no, it doesn’t make you a bad mother/partner/friend/daughter to focus on yourself.  It makes you a happier and healthier woman.

I know you have your past, and I’m sure there were rough patches.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t live out your dreams and achieve your personal and professional goals in the second chapter of your life.

I should know.

I’ve been where you are. I’ve struggled with this too.

My first son died of SIDS in 1997. My second son has intellectual disabilities and I have been his full time caregiver these many years. I was broken –financially and emotionally– by a terrible divorce from my first husband. I then had to rebuild myself and my business from the ground up. Later, I met and married my second husband only to find out 4 weeks later that he had progressive MS and become the primary caregiver and provider for my entire family of six.

I’ve carried the weight and obligations everyone in my family along with worry and to-do’s.  I’m no different than you. We all have things to do and people to care for.  But it’s our decisions on how we choose to live the live we’ve been given that create a happy and fulfilling life.

I’ve overcome my obstacles, grown through my tragedies, and become the strong, happy, successful woman I am today – SO CAN YOU!

I will help you rediscover your identity and become the best possible version of yourself in the second half of your life.


By helping you ditch the stress and guilt, identify your goals, reclaim your dreams and make a realistic plan to achieve them.

“Alison rocks! She has helped me tremendously with prioritizing my life. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to a make change in their life. I am grateful and thankful to be working with her.” 

Alison Jacobson has dedicated most of her life to helping women. She is the embodiment of living a full and happy life despite the cards she’s been dealt.

Death, divorce, financial ruin, disability, and defeat have molded her into a dedicated and powerful woman. She didn’t let her obstacles decide her success.. It was by overcoming those obstacles that she found happiness and success. She strives to help other women do the same.

She went from starting and later selling her own PR firm to becoming a CEO in a non-profit that is still going strong today. She’s a known TV personality, author, and speaker.

Having built three businesses well into the six figures and she is fully prepared to help you succeed in your own business.

Alison Jacobson

It’s not too late to start living the life of your dreams!

Let me tell you something … I know what you’re living through because I lived through it too.  I’m living through it too. I know exactly what it’s like to get out of bed every morning only to live the same day you’ve lived a hundred times. It’s draining. Exhausting. Disheartening.

Doing what you do isn’t easy — but I promise you that you CAN get out of this monotonous cycle and start living a life you love.

No, it’s not too late, you’re not too old…you ARE enough and you most certainly CAN turn it all around!

I want you to live a life where you’re energized every morning because you’re doing what you LOVE!

I want you to be successful in achieving your personal and professional goals and to step into your power as the strong woman that you are.

Most coaches have it wrong…

In my 6+ years of coaching and helping women find happiness and success, I’ve found that most coaches have it wrong. They focus on either mindset OR strategy. Which is why the “transformations” they get for their clients don’t last.

Focusing on mindset, mindfulness, and the Law of Attraction builds the foundation for lasting transformation.

But strategy, practical steps, action plans, marketing, etc…are what gets you TO the transformation you’re looking for.

The secret to lasting transformation…

By focusing on one without giving EQUAL attention to the other you’re going to come up short. Which is why lasting transformation will not happen…you’re always going to revert back to where you were before.

Lasting change requires BOTH.

Which is why I designed my exclusive group coaching program, “From Stressed To Success”. It focuses equally on mindset AND strategy. I firmly believe that the second chapter of your life can be incredibly fulfilling, both personally and professionally.

My Coaching Program will help get you there. It’s the bridge between your overwhelm and fulfillment.

Through exclusive 1:1 support, 10 weeks of immersive live coaching, training, and community accountability you will learn how to claim the life you want.

How I do things differently…

I’m not going to do that by giving you recycled information that I learned in some course or certification. I’m going to teach you THE secrets, tips, and breakthrough information that has helped me and my clients get out of personal turmoil, triumph over tragedies, build businesses and become successful!

Is that what you want? If so…you’re totally in the right place!

“This very present, real energy emanating from Alison and hearing her speak led me to seek her coaching expertise. I was skeptical at first that she could keep me focused and positive, despite all of my tangential life pulls and distractions, and she does. I’m truly impressed by her ability to help me stick to uncovering what makes me spark and shine with strength and courage. It doesn’t happen overnight, and it is a beginning.” 

“Alison is the best combination of heart, enthusiasm, and smarts to help women reach their goals.”


Throughout the 10 week period we will go through the 5 stages necessary to help you ditch the overwhelm and attain clarity and results.

Goodbye Overwhlem

Understand what created the endless stress and overwhelm in your life.

Learn how to eliminate it fast.

Your Goals Your Way

Rediscover your identity and gain clarity on what your goals are.

Establish the focused and strategic steps to achieve them.

Strategy & Productivity Secrets

Become more efficient by maximizing your creativity and productivity.

Set personal and professional boundaries to create space for you and your goals.

Learn how to successfully delegate and get your family working as a team.

Conquer Your Fear

Learn how to STOP self-sabotaging habits and imposter syndrome that prevent you from achieving your goals both now and in the future.

Expand Your Success

Set yourself up for long-term success by creating a successful system for yourself and your business that will produce results long term.

These stages work together to help reinvent yourself and become the woman that goes after her goals and claims her success with confidence, clarity, and strategy.

Here’s exactly what’s included in the From Stressed to Success Group Coaching Program:

  1. 5 Bi-weekly Immersive Live Trainings that will take place on Zoom and take you through the 5 stages listed above ($2306 VALUE)
    > Lifetime Access to Downloadable Resources and Materials to help you develop a success mindset and actionable steps while keeping you focused on your goals.
  2. Exclusive Access to personal mentorship with me through the VOXER app so you can have your questions answered in real time and stay focused. ($830 VALUE)

I’m also including these TWO AMAZING BONUSES that will help you get the very most out of this program:

  1. 5 Bi-weekly Zoom Coaching Calls where you will get personal coaching and feedback on whatever you need so you never have to wonder if you’re doing the right things, at the right time, in the right way. ($1737 VALUE)
    > Including a fun Send-off Party on the last day (to take place on Zoom)
    > Here, we will celebrate YOU and all you’ve achieved through this program. As well as what you will CONTINUE to achieve (and Yes, drinks and laughter are welcome!)
  2. Access to our own Private Facebook Group only available to the present and future members of this program. This will be a place where you can ask questions, form lasting relationships, and enjoy group accountability and support as well as have access to me once the program is over. ($500 VALUE)

Total Value of this Program is $5373

But not to worry! That’s not nearly what you’ll pay…


  • Shift your mindset from guilt and obligation to clarity and confidence
  • Discover how you’ve allowed others wants and needs to bury your own and how to stop it!
  • Strategies for optimizing your day for peak effectiveness
  • Eliminate the internal and external obstacles to achieving your goals

  • Learn how to realistically practice the Law of Attraction and bring joy, purpose, and fulfillment into your everyday life
  • Save time, money, and frustration by not having to try to figure it all out by avoiding the trial and error rollercoaster.
  • Establish → Plan → Achieve your goals by developing a realistic and practical plan to achieve it

“Alison and her coaching was a game-changer for me.  Alison’s knowledge and experience helped me navigate uncharted and often scary territory.  But maybe more importantly, she re-ignited in me the “yes I can!” that had been silences over many years of prioritizing everyone and everything but myself.”

Is that what you want for yourself?
It’s within your reach no matter where you are on your journey.

Life is short and you deserve to enjoy all of this and more.

Now let’s talk money.

The industry standard for life coaching is somewhere between $200-$350 an hour. And sadly, more often than not…you’re paying more for a listening ear and advice than for lasting transformation.

But not with me.

In my program you’re paying to…

  • Gain absolute clarity on who you are, what you want, and how you’ll get there
  • Establish and achieve your personal and professional goals through proven methods and strategies.
  • Rediscover yourself and create lasting transformation that will benefit YOU and those around you!

From Stressed to Success Coaching is valued at $5373. But that’s not the price you’re getting. You’re going to pay less than a quarter of that!

I don’t want you to miss out because of money. I want you to participate in this course so you can turn it all around. Your life, relationships, future, AND your finances.

That’s why I am offering you 3 payment options to better serve you and make it easy for you to get into the 10 week program that will literally change your life.

Spaces are limited because I want to keep this coaching group intimate and valuable to every single member. I don’t want you to have to struggle to be heard. You’re not just another number here. You’re a member of this new family.

Once all the spots are filled you will have missed your chance to be a part of this life-changing program.

So don’t wait.

Because you’ve read this far, we both know that you need this.

Invest in yourself and you WILL see the results you crave.

Your situation, your life, your stresses, your feelings of overwhelm will not change unless you do something about YOU.

Registration closes March 26th at 11:59pm.

After that, this page will come down and the offer will be gone.

Here’s everything you are getting:

  1. 5 Bi-weekly Immersive Live Trainings 
    > Every other Wednesday at 7pm EST starting March 31
  2. 5 Bi-weekly Zoom Group Coaching Calls
    > Alternate with live trainings, every other Tuesday
  3. Exclusive Access to personal mentorship
    > With me through VOXER starting March 29th
    > You will never be without support
  4. Lifetime access to downloadable resources and materials
  5. A fun send-off party on the last day (via Zoom)
    > laughter and an inspirational send off
  6. Long term access to our own Private Facebook Group
    > Gain access and start connecting March 29th


“I worked with Alison both on a personal and professional level.  Struggling with an unhappy marriage and unable to see through the fog to where I wanted to go professionally. I truly benefited from her ability to walk me through zeroing in on what it is I really wanted and how to get there.  When I have far too many thoughts flying around in my head, she helps me identify what to focus on to be productive.  Her guidance has been invaluable!”

Here’s what will happen as soon as you click the “sign up today” button:

  1. You’ll be taken to the signup and payment page where you will pick the payment option that works best for you
  2. You’ll immediately get an email with all the details, log in information, dates, and Voxer information
  3. On March 29th you’ll get an email that will give you access to the Facebook group and my personal VOXER so you can get to know the other women who have joined and find other relevant information.

Remember…You’re in control of your own life. It’s time to start acting like it. Or nothing will change.

If you don’t prioritize yourself, there’s a whole host of physical, spiritual, and emotional issues that will come up. I’m not saying this to scare you…but to help you see how important it is that you put yourself where you belong. At the top of your priority list.

So if you’re serious about changing your life, you WILL find a way. If you’re only serious-ish, you’ll find an excuse.

What’s it going to be for you?

Frequently Asked Questions

Not a problem, you will be able to watch the replay directly in our private Facebook group or on Thinkific. You’ll also have long term access so you can watch it at your convenience whenever you need. (You will be sent all the relevant links and necessary information in an email after you sign up)

The results depend on you. I will provide you with what you need to get you where you want to go, but you’re the one that has to walk there. If you’re committed to that…you will see results.

The Training Sessions are 1 hour each and the Coaching Calls are 45 minutes each.

I combine both mindset and strategy. Which means in this program we will focus on your mindset, your mental blocks, the Law of attraction AS WELL AS marketing strategy, goal setting, realistic plans to help you achieve your goals through.

More often than not, coaches focus on one or the other. On either mindset OR strategy. But both are equally as important if you want to get results that last.

YES! On our Bi-weekly coaching calls you will have the ability to share with me and the group whatever is on your mind and I will coach you as needed.

You’ll also have access to my personal VOXER account so we can have voice to voice conversations as needed (more details in the post-sign-up-email)

It’s a smartphone app that works like a walkie-talkie. It has no time limit on the voice messages you send and I can hear what you’re saying AS you’re saying it…and vice versa. It’s very time friendly and helpful.

You’ll never be without support.

They will be posted in the Facebook group. You will get all the necessary information in the sign-up-email.