Do you have any idea what would make you happy?

Most women have a pretty good idea of what’s making them unhappy but they’re at a loss to clearly articulate what they need or want to be happy.  Or maybe it’s too overwhelming or scary to even contemplate what it would take to be happy.

Sound familiar?

The voice inside your head says, “I’ll never lose the weight” or “My relationship is as good as I can expect” or “I’m lucky to have a job even if it’s a grind.”

But maybe you’ve reached a point in your life where you’re asking yourself “Is this all there is for me?”

I’m here to tell you….NO!

If you’re not waking up in the morning with a sense of passion and joy then there is most definitely MORE!

Don’t get me wrong – we all have bad, boring and BS days but if that’s the majority of your time then something needs to change. You deserve a life where you have deeply fulfilling relationships, have energy and health and love what you’re doing!

The first step is to get crystal clear about what you want and how you might actually be putting up obstacles to achieving it.

I’m Alison Jacobson and that’s where I was 12 years ago.

Alison Jacobson - Courses

I was in an unhappy marriage and my business was good but it wasn’t growing.  And while I kept complaining and rehashing my problems with my friends I couldn’t see a way out.

It all felt too overwhelming to deal with as I was busy keeping money coming in and raising three small children.

Until I had a full-blown panic attack that I thought was a heart attack.  My body was manifesting a warning that my mind kept trying to ignore.  I realized that what I wanted, more than anything, was to be happy. To enjoy my kids and be a good role model by showing them that life was about joy.

I realized that it would take both vulnerability and courage to look at how I had allowed myself to get to this place in my life and take the steps to change it.  I worked on myself and stayed focused. I looked at why I might be afraid of happiness and whether I was committed enough to it to shake up my life big time. New routines needed to be created which included meditation and affirmations.  Quite simply I need to change that inner voice that wanted me to stay where I was.

Today I’m happily remarried and have evolved my business to reflect my greatest passion – helping women to be happy, healthy, safe and strong.  I wake up with a sense of peace and happiness almost every day.

It started with self-reflection, affirmation and gratitude for what I already had.

Introducing Uncovering Your Desire: What’s Holding You Back?

If you’re ready to get real about how you might be self-sabotaging your own happiness and figure out what you want then this course is for you.

You can’t find happiness until you know what it is!

You’ve probably heard that journaling is a great way to self-reflect but often people don’t know what to write or how to even start.

That’s why I created this course – to help you get to the soul-searching, thought-provoking questions that will allow you to uncover what’s been holding you back from where you want to be.  It will also help you get laser-focused on manifesting the happiness you want and deserve.

Here’s what you get:

  • 12 journaling questions to help you get clarity around what it is you really want in life and how YOU have been preventing it;
  • Downloadable affirmations to focus you on manifesting happiness;
  • 2 audios:
    • My own path towards change and how I did it
    • A guided meditation to focus you on your change
  • Downloadable journaling page on your daily Intention;
  • BONUS – Gratitude Exercise to keep you aligned with happiness