It’s Time to Break Through the Blocks Preventing Your Success!

Mindset Reset: Grow Your Business and Wealth in 2024

A 3-part video workshop to unlock the secrets to financial success in your business and personal life.

It all starts January 8th

Understanding the Impact of Your Money Stories

Ignite self-awareness by understanding the roots of your current money story.  Recognize how past narratives are impacting your present financial decisions and confidence.

January 8th 

How to Break
Plateaus in Business

Feel stuck in income plateaus? Explore the reasons behind these plateaus and gain insights
 into the internal barriers hindering your business growth.

January 10th 

The Power of Aligning Business & Personal Finances

Feeling the strain of personal challenges impacting your business decisions? Explore the consequences of misalignment between personal and business finances.

January 12th 

All the videos will be available for re-play if you miss one of them or would like to review.

Meet Alison Jacobson

Alison Jacobson is known as the Midlife Maverick. She’s a successful transformation coach, author, speaker, and podcast host.  She is a successful coach, speaker, author, and podcast host who empowers women in midlife to release self-doubt, shift their mindset and confidently and authentically build successful personal and professional lives.

Alison has been featured on numerous podcasts and spoken to women’s business groups around the country on how to transform limiting beliefs into powerful action.

She’s triumphed over grief and obstacles including the death of her baby to SIDS, financial devastation after a divorce and managing the role of caregiver for her son with Intellectual Disabilities and her husband with Primary Progressive MS.

Last year, she ran the NYC Marathon at 57, proving it’s never too late for transformation. She also launched her book Daily Inspiration for Midlife Women: A Guide to Peace, Joy, Confidence, and Abundance.

So, are you ready to get past your money blocks?

It’s time for Mindset Reset: Grow Your Business and Wealth in 2024.