I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” 

Last month I posted a video that I would be checking out a skin care line called Y’OUR.  I’m at an age where I’m willing to try anything.  There are a few things I insist upon however – simplicity and products that have clean ingredients.  I will admit, however that I spend way too much time trying to decide which products are right for my skin.  My main concerns are dull skin, exposure to environmental toxins, fine lines (OK, that’s a nice way of saying wrinkles) and dryness.  I literally could spend hours standing in the aisle of Ulta or CVS comparing which products would take care of all these issues.

That’s the main reason I like Y’OUR.  When I was approached about reviewing their skin care line what appealed to me most was that it would be designed specifically for me. And the quiz wasn’t just one or two questions.  I was asked what my main concerns were, did one issue bother me more than others, did I only want vegan ingredients, whether I lived in an area with high levels of pollution, how my skin reacted to the sun and whether some of my skin issues occurred after pregnancy.  Once the survey was complete, a summary of my skin and the list of the specific ingredients that would be included in my products popped up.

It was easy to understand, and I love that they use natural ingredients in the products. I also like that there are only four items – a cleanser, a day cream, a serum and a night cream.  It’s easy to follow and doesn’t require a lot of time. I did learn that the day cream does not have SPF, so I also use a sunscreen. 

A few other things that appealed to me. 

  • Personal interaction – Unlike products you buy in the store, Y’OUR representatives stay in touch to see how the products are working.  Each product lasts for 3 months but if I run out ahead of time, they send gifts to make sure I never run out of product.
  • Cost savings – When I did the math it was much cheaper than what I was paying buying individual products that weren’t custom designed for me.
  • Customer satisfaction – They have a satisfaction guarantee policy where they offer to reformulate the products for free up to 2 times during the first 3 months.  And, before they send out the next set of products, they send an evaluation form to make sure they can make any adjustments necessary.
  • Gentle but effective – The cleanser is safer and more effective than physical exfoliating cleansers since it can penetrate the skin for deeper exfoliation while does not involve actually rubbing the skin. 
  • Quality products – I only have to use a little of each product, they absorb nicely but are thick.

 They also let me know what to expect:

In the first week of using our products, you might find a bit of flaking in the first week of use. Please keep in mind that the flaking isn’t because your skin is dry but the impurities coming out. Our products draw out impurities and congestion from underneath your skin, so if you have  impurities, you will see the impurities coming out.

I wanted to wait a full 30 days before posting this review so I really could tell whether I saw a difference.  The biggest difference is the texture of my skin – it’s definitely softer and plumper.  I also think it looks brighter which was a big concern for me. 

The best thing about Y’OUR is it’s specifically designed for me and addresses all my concerns in just 4 products. 

I would recommend trying out Y’OUR skin care line.  You can take the quiz here to have products designed specifically for your needs.

Recently I was talking to one of my single girlfriends who was telling me what she wanted in a partner.  She wanted someone to go on romantic trips with to exotic vacations.  Someone to go hiking with and do outdoor activities.

I asked her “but what if you find this guy and a year later he’s in an accident and becomes a paraplegic?  Then what?”

I get it, most people don’t think like this but it’s what happened to me.  I had my list too when I was newly single and thinking about meeting someone.  That’s what online dating profiles are all about right?  We need to list out our criteria for a partner and the best description of ourselves.  Often when we’re scrolling through Tinder it’s about finding someone who matches all our interests, whether that’s someone who loves outdoor adventures or quiet evenings at home. 

When my current husband and I met on Match our profiles reflected the people we were at that time, but little did we know how vastly different we would be in just a few short years.  Then, my husband was a former pro-golfer who loved outdoor activities.  That appealed to me.  I wanted someone who was calm and kind and would be a partner to me on spontaneous adventures.  He fit the bill in every way. 

Until life threw us a curve ball in the form of Primary Progressive MS.  Within a very short time this man who had been the high school football quarterback, star hockey player and pro-golfer lost the ability to walk.  He suspected what was happening shortly before our wedding.  For many years he had been misdiagnosed with Lyme but was quickly realizing it was something else.  Having grown up with a friend’s dad who had MS I had a vision of what could be in store for our future.  My vision for a partner to have outdoor adventures with and travel was evaporating and was being replaced with the idea that I would be tied down caring for a man who might need help with the basic activities of daily living.

Friends questioned if I really wanted to take this on.  Afterall I was already caring for my son with intellectual disabilities who would need my support for the rest of his life.  And it certainly wasn’t what I had planned.  I can honestly say however that there wasn’t a moment that I questioned my decision to marry him.  As I said to my friends, if the positions would have been reversed and I was the one who was ill I wouldn’t imagine him leaving me (and I know that’s true.) 

I will admit, however to an overwhelming sadness that the future I had envisioned was no longer in the cards. I mourned the adventure trips we wouldn’t take and a partner to spend weekend afternoons on hikes or bike trips.  I know that the divorce rate is high for many people with chronic illnesses – the caregiver just can’t handle the responsibility and the loss of a future that they had planned.

That’s when I realized that no one person – even a life partner – can fulfill all your needs.  There are times you need girlfriends and there are times you simply need yourself.  At first, I thought about meeting other people with disabled spouses and going places or doing things.  But then it occurred to me, I already have people in my life to do these things with.  It was at that moment that I realized that I have different sets of friends for various parts of my life.  I have my “cheer mom friends” who I travel with and spend a great majority of the winter months with on the road for my daughters’ All-Star cheer competitions.  There are my  “deep thought” friends who I have philosophical and spiritual conversations with.  And there are my spur-of-the-moment outdoor friends who I can go paddle boarding and hiking with.  There are also those friends who get to see me the raw, scared me – the ones who just listen to me when I worry about the future and will share a glass of wine.

Do I still have moments of sadness? Sure. Recently we were at a friend’s wedding and everyone was paired off on the dance floor. It’s the slow dances that are tough.  I’d love to be sharing an intimate moment like that with my husband.  But we’re learning there are “fix its” as we call them.  I can sit on his lap and simply enjoy the music.  And when I want to go crazy on the dance floor I’m perfectly content dancing by myself and having him watch.

The point is don’t give up on the life partner if he/she doesn’t meet all the criteria you set forth.  No one person can do that and you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.  Find your circles.  Be OK with dancing by yourself.