5 ways to motivate yourself every day

Motivate Yourself Every Day

My hubby was at a coffee shop the other day when two women approached him and asked if he was my husband. He’s gotten used to this happening because I talk a lot about him in my social media posts and videos.

The women commented that they were amazed how I was constantly so energetic and positive. “Isn’t that hard to live with?” they asked. Both he and I found that pretty funny. But, I will admit, sometimes my high energy is a lot for my family. 😊

I don’t always bound out of bed, but I would say the majority of the time I’m excited about my day ahead.

And yes, there are days when we all have to deal with horrible stuff but you can choose how to start your day. If you have a confident and positive mindset it’s like an emotional booster shot against whatever comes your way.

If you find it hard to get motivated to get up and go in the morning here are some easy ways to slay your day!

Start with three gratitude’s – There’s always something to be grateful for. I don’t care if it’s simply having the ability to get out of bed and walk to the bathroom. Gratitude will put challenges in perspective.

Find your theme song – Music always sets the tone for me. Whether it’s smooth jazz at the end of the day to mellow me out or some pop song in the morning to get me dancing, music completely regulates my emotions. Pick a song with an upbeat tempo and great lyrics. For me it’s Kelly Clarkson’s What Doesn’t Kill You – feel free to make it yours if you like. 😊

Move your body – Get your blood flowing! Nothing beats endorphins for putting you in a great mood. It doesn’t even have to be a long workout – just do some jumping jacks, run in place, or dance to your theme song!

Have a motivation buddy – Thank God for girlfriends! There are times I’ve been so pissed off at my husband or overwhelmed with stuff I just need to have someone give me a little pep talk. This isn’t a bitch session, this is my friend giving me encouragement and me doing it for her when she’s dreading a day. Looking for a motivation buddy? Come join my Facebook Group – Midlife Mavericks – Fabulous, Fierce, Females! This is exactly why I started this group to offer motivation and support.

Create your priority list – Don’t overwhelm yourself but commit to getting s*%t done. I’m a big list maker and nothing feels better or gives me a greater sense of accomplishment than crossing things off.

And if you want some prompts and motivation every morning, head over to Amazon and grab my new book – Daily Inspirations for Midlife Women – A Guide to Peace, Joy, Confidence and Abundance.

Starting your day off jazzed and excited makes life So. Much. Better 😊