Why Collagen is a MUST for women in midlife

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About five years ago when I turned 50 I started using moisturizers that had collagen in them.  It seemed like it was the “anti-aging” thing to do.  But over the past year or so I’ve started to better understand what collagen does, the different types of collagen and why you need to be ingesting it rather than putting it on your skin.  So, if you’re a woman in midlife and care about your beauty AND health read on to understand the benefits of collagen.

First off, a little biology lesson. I had no idea what a big role collagen plays in our body. It’s the most abundant protein in the human body, making up nearly 1/3 of our body’s protein composition.  While most people know it’s in our hair, nails, skin and bones, it’s also in our muscles, tendons, heart, lungs and digestive system.  Collagen is like a glue that allows muscles to be attached to bones and other muscles.  It literally keeps our body in “shape.”

Collagen improves bone density and supports cardiovascular health, two issues that are critically important for women as osteoporosis and heart disease are prevalent among us.

The body naturally produces collagen until around 30 years-old but then it slows down dramatically.  Wrinkles, sagging skin, joint pain, hair loss are all symptoms of lack of collagen. (Ah, those lovely mid-life issues!)  While I don’t have wrinkles, yet I noticed sagging skin and joint pain. And now that I understand how important it is for my bones this isn’t just about vanity.  I’m committed to staying strong as I get older.

Yes, you get collagen in some foods you eat such as eggs, organ meats and meats on the bone but, let’s be honest, there’s just so much of that you can eat and, if you’re like me, there’s no way I’m eating organ meat!

That’s why supplementing collagen intake is so important. There is one caveat to this. Women with breast cancer are not advised to take collagen as scientists believe collagen promotes tumor growth because recurrent tumors have high levels of collagen and breast cancer patients with high levels of collagen in their tumors often have worse outcomes.

It’s important to take the right kind of collagen as well as there are different types and serve different purposes:

Type I – This accounts for 90% of the collagen in our body and is found in almost every part of our body.  This is the one that improves our skin, hair and nails but also is found in our eyes, heart, ligaments and tendons and blood vessels to name a few.  This is the superstar of the collagens.

Type II –  This is found in our joints and helps support digestive and immune function.  This is the one that helps with joint pain.

Type III – This supports organs, muscles and blood vessels and helps support blood clotting

Type V – This supports eye health. (For younger women reading this it also supports neonatal development.)

Type X – This is important for joints and bones. It’s similar to Type II but also necessary.

The good news is that you don’t have to swallow a fistful of supplements every day to get all this collagen.  You can either take it as a gummy, pill or a powder mixed into a drink.

I’ve tried several but am now using Vitauthority Multi Collagen Protein. The first one I tried was the unflavored and it is truly unflavored unlike some others I have tried.  You just put a scoopful in a hot beverage – coffee, tea, etc. – and it completely dissolves with no taste or texture.

They also have several other great flavors including Tropical Punch, Peach Mango, Pink Lemonade and Chocolate.  None of them are overpowering or too sweet.

Not only does Vitauthority Multi Collagen Protein have Types I, II, III, V and X but it also is enhanced with hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C which makes the collagen every more potent.

I’ve been taking the collagen every morning in my coffee for about 45 days.  My skin definitely appears softer but firmer, my hair is less brittle (even in the winter!) and most importantly the pain I was experiencing in my hip flexor is gone.

I truly had no idea how critical collagen is to women in midlife but now I won’t go without it.  I’d love you to check it out as well. Use my code ALISON to receive 12% off your Vitauthority order.


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